Abe Lincoln As Gangster Makes for Great Fiction
By WTF Are You Reading Book Reviewer on November 12, 2013 Format: Kindle

I loved this book! It has everything! True to historical detail, the characterizations of Abe Lincoln, Dillinger, and other notables don't detour into unrecognizability as one would expect in an alternate history as far off the beaten path as this one. Instead, what has been created here is a story that takes people that readers know and love, and puts them in new and fascinating situations. The action level is very high from beginning to end in this read. So much so, that blinking while reading this book is not advised. You may miss something! Another wonderful surprise this book provides is comedy. While it may not be slapstick, the situational laughs this book provides do stay with you well after the story's end.

This is a wonderful journey into what could have been, and a book that I wholeheartedly endorse for all brave souls who dare follow the strange and twisted path to the land of "what if."

Excellent Story!
By K. Sozaeva TOP 1000 Reviewer on November 7, 2013 Format: Kindle

My Thoughts: This book is a lot of fun. I don't know how accurately it portrays Abraham Lincoln, but the Lincoln in this book is gentle and very funny. I can't count the number of times I howled with laughter early in the book. It's not all fun and games, of course; this book deals with some heavy issues regarding politics and personal power. And of course things become increasingly somber through the course of the book.

Adding in a few of the gangsters of the 1930s was a brilliant touch. I'm not sure how accurately John Dillinger and Baby Face Nelson are portrayed, but their characters were most interesting. In fact, the characters are all very well done. One of the authors, Brian Anthony, wrote an afterwood explaining where the idea came from, a film project from the 1970s. It's an interesting read, so be sure not to skip it. Apparently two more Lincoln stories were planned, and I really do hope they will be written. I quite enjoyed this book and I think a lot of other people will as well, so be sure to check it out.

A Captivating Twist On History
By A. Customer on October 22, 2013 Format: Kindle Edition Amazon Verified Purchase

Sit back, relax and let you mind ponder the "What If..." premise of this story. A joy to read.

A Super Enjoyable Very Exciting Story
By VicG on October 16, 2013 Format: Paperback

This book is a romp. I think Misters Anthony and Walker must have had a lot of fun writing this book and it certainly comes through. Abe Lincoln didn't die he just stayed in suspended animation until 1933. FDR doesn't want him around and suggests that he retire to his home in Illinois. J. Edgar Hoover sends an FBI hit man to kill him, however he fails and dies in the process. Now Lincoln is blamed and is labeled a public enemy. While in a bank he is kidnapped by Dillinger who makes him part of the gang. Now he is robbing banks trying to recoup the $100,000 that Hoover stole. I don't know why but this story works. It is exciting, it is funny and you are guaranteed to keep flipping pages to find out what happens next. The authors have provided us with a very exciting book with clever characters that the possibility exists could return. I certainly hope so.

Lincoln Will Steal Your Heart
By AZ Video on October 15, 2013 Format: Paperback

A cross between Stephen King and John Steinbeck that actually works. In this version of history, Abraham Lincoln does not die from an assassin's bullet. A voodoo spell keeps him alive but comatose. Vice President Andrew Johnson, in an attempt to re-unite the country following the end of the Civil War, lets the world believe that Lincoln is dead. He is not expected to survive but lingers for decades, and does not age. Waking up abruptly in 1933, he tangles with President Roosevelt, becomes involved in the accidental death of a federal agent, and is labeled a murderer. To re-appropriate money confiscated by the feds from his trust, which had been left to him by his son, Lincoln begins robbing federal banks alongside his partner in crime, John Dillinger!

Done well, an "Alternate History" begins with an author changing an historical event, and follows a divergent but logical progression of events, based on actual people and circumstances. Abe Lincoln: Public Enemy No. 1 does a Bang Up job, right down to members of Lincoln's cabinet. As far as I can tell the Dillinger gang members, as well as the dates and locations of robberies, are also accurate. The back-and-forth between Lincoln and FDR is priceless, and there is a real rapport between Lincoln and Dillinger. A unique book, outrageous at times, and highly recommended.

A President On The Run
By Annette Lorant October 13, 2013

This review is for: Abe Lincoln Public Enemy No. 1 (Kindle Edition). In this newest entry in the "Alternate History" genre, Abraham Lincoln still falls victim to Booth's bullet, but, rather than going to the great beyond, he ends up in a coma for 68 years, thanks to a voodoo spell. He is hidden away, only a few know the truth while the world believes the Great Emancipator has gone to meet his maker. He continues to linger, not aging, when he awakens in 1933. His meeting with FDR goes badly (politicians being politicians...) and Lincoln ends up on the lam, robbing banks (for a good reason...) with his partner John Dillinger. Sometimes the danger of these "alternate history" books is a gimmick takes too much precedence to the characters. Not in this book. Once the reader allows himself to accept the premise that voodoo spells work, everything falls naturally into place because the characters drive the story. Lincoln is fleshed out with more humanity and major flaws, one which puts him into his predicament. Dillinger, whether true or not, has appeal. The other real appeal is the classic man on the run plot, which is done so well, I kept picturing a Hitchcock movie with James Stewart as Abraham Lincoln. The plot has enough plausible twists to keep you reading (it is a quick read...). I highly recommend this novel.

Could Not Put It Down...An Excellent Read!
By Carl Piermarini October 12, 2013

This review is for Abe Lincoln: Public Enemy No. 1 (Hardcover). At first glance, you may think this book is another Abe Lincoln—Vampire Hunter or Abe Lincoln Zombie Tracker or Abe Lincoln—My Life On A Chain Gang. However, don't miss your chance to experience this book. You will find yourself immediately drawn into this alternate history story that is enhanced with historical accuracies that may surprise you as they did me. It will really make you think back and perhaps pull out your old history books or research online to see just what is the real history here.

Authors Brian Anthony and Bill Walker really go for broke here and have taken an interesting concept and have crafted a masterpiece of the genre. Without spoilers here...one of the best endings you will ever read. Can't wait for more from these authors.

The Greatest Cover-Up In History
By Kate Eileen Shannon September 30, 2013

This is review is for: Abe Lincoln: Public Enemy No. 1 (Paperback). I was a bit iffy about Abe Lincoln: Public Enemy No. 1 at first. It sounded a bit weird to me. But my curiosity won out. Granted, it is an unusual sort of book. They've called the genre "Alternate History." Suprisingly, to me, it is pretty cool. And as American History is not a topic I feel like studying as an adult, this has been a quirky sort of way to learn about two different eras...combined. There are a lot of real people from history in the book and there are a lot of historically accurate situations (I looked them up). The only thing that is off is Abe Lincoln didn't die—and he came back during FDR's administration. Needless to say, FDR and J. Edgar Hoover didn't want this fly in their ointment.

Telling any more would ruin it for you. To the authors, I caught the heading at Chapter 41—just in case you wonder if people read all these things—the tiny touches, and I know about the derringer, the alleged switch in reality—I learned a lot of American history reading this. Everyone else, read the book to find out what that meant. The end will break your heart, twice. But then just as you turn that page expecting it to read about the authors... It's not over! A major twist/surprise. A really, really fun read.

Somebody, Make This Into A Movie! Captivating Crime Drama Moves Right Along; Not At All An Awkward Pastiche.
By Scott MacGillivary July 14, 2014

Brian Anthony and Bill Walker have pulled a gold-plated rabbit our of Abe Lincoln's stovepipe hat! At first glance the wary reader might think this is a gimmicky exercise in time travel, with historical facts uncomfortably shoehorned into a contrived narrative. Don't you believe it. This is not some fanboy's sophomoric attempt at mixing two genres and two unlikely protagonists. It is by turns a charming, convincing, thrilling, and thought-provoking novel that will probably have you hooked for several chapters at a time. The premise has John Wilkes Booth's fatal bullet fulfulling an alternate destiny, and the tale forges from there. Abraham Lincoln is portrayed as a courtly, sensible, conscience-ridden man who finds himself victimized—and then finds a way to victimize his enemies. Along the way he meets a number of colorful characters who touch his charmed life. This review won't give away any of the plot's imaginative twists and turns, except to say that it has a neat surprise ending that is both satisfying and appropriate. In an afterword, co-author Brian Anthony discloses that the novel grew out of a student-film short made decades ago. A short subject wouldn't do this story justice. Somebody in Hollywood should option this story and make a full-blown feature out of it. It's that good. Very enjoyable reading; you won't be disappointed.